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Arts Education 

Arts In Action  provides a variety of  different sessions to cater for different needs, including


For Home-Ed families:

  • Home-ed  themed blocked half termly projects for ages  4-16. 

  • 11+ sessions for those wanting to hone skills, take more advanced projects and  learn skills they could  use for taking GCSE art in the future.

  • Face-2-Face GCSE's and A-levels in the studio in ART, PHOTOGRAPHY, TEXTILES, GRAPHICS & 3D DESIGN

  • Online  provision is on hold at the moment due to capacity.  Please message  me if this is what you are after as I do have  ONE online group  for GCSE  Art and limited 1-2-1 tutorial time.   This element will be expanding in the future. When capacity / staffing grows . If you have an independent child who can work through sessions by power point with examples  and will need less tuition time please contact me as I do have several ready made schemes  for children  to do more independently as an option for GCSE.

  • 1-2-1 tuition for primary, secondary, GCSE, A-level & Cambridge Online qualifications. Tutoring for international qualifications

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This Section is still under construction - More info and images will be added over the coming weeks. Please message for info .

Home Ed - Art Club (4-16)

Themed Project Blocks 


FACE-2-FACE : GCSE Art, Photography, 3D Design, Textiles & Graphics 

(11-18) depending on ability & aim.


ONLINE / DOWNLOADABLE: :  Projects and schemes of work  for use at home - Cross curricular 4-16.

Fully resourced


11+ Artists :  Skill builder 

( Pre- GCSE)

student outcomes 2022 (37).jpg

ONLINE : GCSE Art, Photography, 3D Design, Textiles & Graphics 

(11-18) depending on ability & aim.

Carmen Cooke - 11C Photo Topic 2 (19).jpg

Additional groups launching SOON

  • CV Kids & Youth club

  • ​Adult sessions

  • Pottery & Ceramics

  • Printmaking

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