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Get to Know Arts In Action

Arts in Action was originally birthed in 2015 when I begun facilitating Home-ed workshops in homes of friends and was commissioned to run workshops in schools alongside my teaching post. I started prepping to step out of mainstream teaching and  start Arts In Action ....... however I had a slight detour when I was offered the opportunity the be part of a team setting up a brand new school from scratch. The prospect of building a department from the ground and implementing my own curriculum design was a experience not to be missed ... and so... I ended up back 'in school'. I spent 7 years building a thriving Art and Photography department for 11-18's. It was a fantastic opportunity in a school where the arts were valued and the Head was supportive and trusted my curriculum development.


I learnt a lot building everything from scratch, was highlighted by Ofsted for responsive and differentiated teaching and learning practices, 'where learning was most effective' and  I met some amazing young people along the way, with a record number going to art school and into creative careers. I am now privileged in being able to continue to walk alongside several pervious students and have been able to employ some on different projects as they work their way through Art School or University, and enter the work place as Artists.


 In August 2022, feeling more and more frustrated with the UK education system, I felt it was time to finally take the plunge  and dip my toe in the the possibilities of finally 'ending' a 20 year teaching career.  I began applying for community contracts and commissions and  began taking on private students alongside my teaching contract, having a 3 year 'transition-plan'.


 Things took off slightly quicker than I expected, when I was awarded all tenders I applied for within the first month of dipping my toe in! Things fast tracked and I was able to leave teaching 'in school' within 3 months  not 3 years ! Fully launching Arts In Action in Jan 2023! 


Early 2023 I also began to explore setting up a charitable element of Arts In Action. Constitutions are written and policies in place along with a Board of Trustees (Below) we are just waiting for our confirmed charity number at present. 

Arts in Action:

One organisation, three strands!

Arts In Action: Not For Profit:

AIA provides free community and social action projects  for communities, children and young people. This is the Part of AIA that will become a charity.

Arts In Action: Communities and Social Action (Freelance):

  • Socially engaged arts projects and commissions.

  • Private commissions and community programs for Arts Organisations, County Council, Public Health, university community schemes, schools work, SEND organisations/ schools, charities and much more. Specialising in theme based projects, responsive projects and co-creation.

  • Art and Faith workshops

Arts In Action Education (Freelance):

  • A Home-Education Arts Program. Face to Face and online. Including thematic projects and skill building 4-16, Pre-GCSE  ( KS3) Skill building programs and Private GCSES/ A-levels in Art, Photography , Graphics, Textiles, Art-craft-&-design and 3D design. 

  • Private 1-2-1 tutoring including Cambridge Online level 1-3  courses.

  • Private adult sessions ( coming soon hopefully !)

  • Arts education consultations, resources, programs and schemes of learning for educational establishments, galleries and museums.

 Who's who?


Heidi Pendergrast

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I am married to Don and we have 3 biological children, and brought up a 4th. Some of our children are currently home-educated and some are in school. I have a BA Hons Degree in Visual Studies (Multi-disciplinary) from The Norwich School of Art (NUA)  and studied at Cambridge  University for my Post-Graduate PGCE/MEd course in Arts Education at Homerton College and  Faculty of Education. I have 20 years of teaching under my belt for  11-18's and was part of a small team that set up a successful new school.  I have lots of SEND and LAC experience and specialise in socially engaged  community arts.   I am a lead artist for Friction Arts NPO and have recent commissions by Warwickshire Libraries NPO, Warwickshire Arts & Heritage ( Public Health funded) Arts Connect and The Reel Store.


I am a mixed media artist, I like to get my hands dirty!  I use ceramics, printmaking and mixed media and themes in my work encompass faith, human narrative, hidden stories, text and nature . My Socially engaged work is experimental often instillational ,  often co-created with the public and  involves textiles, mixed media, archival elements and text.  Recently I was awarded DYCP funding from Art Council England to develop a new portfolio of work,  pilot pieces were recently exhibited and sold at The Herbert, and I won a little sculpture award.



Keziah Longden

Keziah is an Artist and designer who has a passion for ceramics. She  graduated with a BA in Design Goldsmiths London and has worked in ceramics studios in Edinburgh. She recently moved back from Edinburgh to join our team! Keziah has a interest in Art Psychotherapy and the benefit of the arts on mental health and wellbeing and is looking to do an art therapy Masters in the near future!

IMG_4177 (1)_edited.jpg

Chair of Trustees

Leah is an International  Author and  speaker and  is married to Dave and has home educated 4  children. She  is the founder of Modern Miss Mason.  Leah runs workshops, conferences and mentoring through Modern Miss Mason. You can check out her books and programs HERE.

Leah Boden



Beth is married to Jon and is a home educator and experienced adopter to 5 beautiful  children. She is the founder of a successful group and has been a ambassador for Home For Good, an adoption charity. She has a excellent understanding of SEND needs, Autism and attachment .

Beth Sayers

Don Pendergrast

Acting as secretary to the Trustees

Is a internationally recognised Agricultural Scientist and Manager , Don  has been on the board of several charities and set up several in the past for different groups. He is Chair of Governors at a local school.


Support Artist

Bethany Sweatman

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Workshop Assistant

Maarriyah Jamil

Workshop Assistant

Alison Hendry

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Workshop Assistant


Workshop Assistant 

Work experience

Reuben Pendergrast

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Coming Soon Neon Light

Workshop Assistant

Maya Evans

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