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20x20cm Print of  'Hands That Flung Stars into Space' painting

20x20cm Print of 'Hands That Flung Stars into Space' painting


 Print of the painting  

''Hands That Flung Stars Into Space '' Acrylic on MDF board  Easter 2024 By Heidi Pendergrast


Immerse yourself in the profound narrative of faith and redemption with a print of this acrylic painting, a titled "Hands That Flung Stars Into Space" Created in 3 hours at a  live public event at the Mosaic Church Live Easter event in Coventry city center 2024 By Heidi Pendergrast. Heidi is a mixed media socially engaged artist, educator and founder of Arts In Action. She has recently had work on display and sold at The Herbert Gallery and The Arts Council England has endorsed and is supporting her with an artist grant for her new portfolio and development of works exploring the intersections of Art, Faith, Narrative & Nature specifically in ceramics and print. ( Listed on Arts Council DYCP 2023-2024 Artists)


Inspired by the poignant lyrics of Graham Kendrick's iconic hymn, "The Servant King," this painting portrays the hands of Christ on the cross, set against the vast expanse of the universe. It's a poignant reminder of the ultimate sacrifice and the boundless love that transcends time and space. And aims to encapsulate  the profound journey from creation to redemption, inviting you to contemplate the depths of faith and the power of love.


But this painting is more than just art—it's a symbol of hope and transformation….


 As part of The Lions program, a Christian-based entrepreneurial initiative, this artwork is being auctioned to support Betel, a charity dedicated to helping individuals overcome life-controlling issues and addiction. 


Through Betel's rehabilitation program, individuals are given the opportunity to rebuild their lives, acquire new skills, and flourish in a supportive environment.


By buying a print , you're not just acquiring a piece of art; you're also contributing to a noble cause. Every penny from the auction will directly benefit Betel and their mission to restore lives and empower individuals to thrive once more.


Available as a 20cm x 20cm  print on card 


Ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to help an amazing cause. 


  • Attend my charity workshop -  sessions are usually £40, but for one time only I’ve priced then at  minimum donation of £25 but the full cost or more is always appreciated, again all profits to Betel. Book by messaging me 




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